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The Art of Communication Through Challenging Times in the Tourism Industry

In times of frequent change and crisis, clear communication is an essential soft skill for tourism professionals and leaders. With limited staff and resources, every interaction is an opportunity to establish, build, and maintain relationships.


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Estimated Completion Time: 1 hour, 2 minutes (Part 1) + 46 minutes (Part 2)

Communication is a soft skill that can be developed as a foundation of success. By understanding expectations and responding decisively, we can avoid disappointment and instead connect in a meaningful way. Join the BC Tourism Resiliency Network and John Singleton, Okanagan College Expert Business Mentor, for a webinar on The Art of Communication Through Challenging Times. Learn how to develop communication skills for yourself and your team members, in order to minimize conflict and instead capitalize on interactions to build relationships. The second video in this session will take you through a self-discovery exercise. 

John will share insights for tourism professionals, including:

  • How people communicate in different ways
  • How to develop soft skills
  • How to enhance communication with guests and colleagues

Additional Resources:

The Art Of Communication In Challenging Times Workbook (PDF)