SuperHost® Service For All™

Whether locals or visitors, your customers are a mosaic of different backgrounds and identities, a “one-size-fits-all” service approach simply doesn't cut it. Our world and needs are changing and so too, should our service delivery.

Are you a front-line customer service professional? Make inclusive service your top priority and boost your customer service skills with SuperHost Service For All! A personalized approach that is focused on meeting the unique needs of each customer is the marker of successful and inclusive customer service.

Service For All offers up-to-date information to help you understand distinct customer groups and their needs AND practical, action-oriented tips that you can use to adjust your service to meet those needs – every time.

Why Take Service For All? (aka What’s In It For You)

  • Competitive advantage in the job market
  • Enhanced transferable skills such as communication, adaptability, and resourcefulness
  • Practical knowledge to understand and recognize diversity in your workplace

Why Offer Service For All – (aka What’s In It For Your Business)

  • Improved overall customer service satisfaction
  • Increased recognition as an inclusive business
  • Improved employee competence and confidence to meet the needs of your diverse customers

Delivered online, this self-paced course includes interactive video modules that will keep you engaged as you learn:

  • The origin of stereotypes and how to avoid them through empathy and sensitivity
  • How to use professionally appropriate language when delivering diverse service
  • Practical tips and information to help you adjust your customer service delivery to meet diverse customer needs including:
    • different generations
    • persons with disabilities
    • individuals within the LGBTQ/2S community
    • Indigenous peoples
    • immigrants

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