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Calian Mini Course: Responding to Emergencies

Increase your understanding of how emergency response activities can help you meet your business objectives.

Estimated Completion Time:
8 minutes, 30 seconds.

Have you felt overwhelmed during a disaster and unsure of how to support your business, your staff, and your guests? Or, have you watched disasters unfold elsewhere and wondered what you would do if you faced a similar event?

This course introduces you to the larger emergency management structure in your community and makes sure you understand what you need to know to manage the disaster for your business. This course will break down the critical ways you can support your business, staff, and guests during an emergency into manageable sized pieces. Calian’s experienced team has built this course to assist you in knowing what to focus on and how to invest in resilience to keep your team and guests safe and minimize the impacts of the disaster on your business.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Overview of community emergency management
  • Life safety planning for your business
  • How to focus on the emergency and why