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Calian Mini Course: Know Your Hazards

This course will help you understand what is meant by the term hazards, how hazards are prioritized, and how vulnerabilities affect your resilience towards these hazards.

Estimated Completion Time:
9 minutes, 32 seconds.

Are you a business owner or operator who knows you need to manage your risks, but don’t know where you should start? Have the last two years left you feeling like you don’t have the energy or resources to tackle yet another major project, even though you think it may be important?

This course will help you identify the hazards which are most likely to impact your business and understand how to focus your efforts based on the impact or consequence of the hazard to your business. This will help you spend time or energy where it will have the biggest impact on your business. Then, Calian will give you small and manageable actions you can take to reduce your vulnerability to specific hazards.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn the difference between hazards, vulnerabilities, and consequences, and why it is important
  • Learn how to identify the hazards that might impact your business
  • Understand how to reduce the risk you face by hazards