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Calian Mini Course: Intro to Emergency Management for Tourism Operators

This course will help you understand how you and others in the tourism industry can play a roll in the face of emergencies to ensure you are able to respond for your sake of your guests and your business.

Estimated Completion Time: 
8 minutes, 21 seconds.

Are you a tourism owner or operator who feels like you are reacting to disaster after disaster? The pandemic, a catastrophic wildfire season, major flooding events and supply chain disruptions can leave you feeling like you are reacting to things outside of your control.

Emergency managers have developed a process to help you manage disasters and use a structure to prepare for and recover from disasters around the world. Calian’s emergency managers have designed this introductory course for the Tourism Industry to help you understand how emergency management can support you and your business. Once you are introduced to emergency management Calian will walk you through a self-assessment of your business to determine how you can maximize your efforts in emergency management.

Learning outcomes:

  • What is Emergency Management?
  • Four Pillars of Emergency Management 
  • The Emergency Management Maturity Model
  • Applications to Tourism Operators