Business Building In The Face Of COVID | 10 Steps To Take Now For Short And Long-Term Success

In a time of great uncertainty, how can tourism & hospitality business operators plan ahead, prepare for summer, and take advantage of the available resources? Learn 10 steps to take now to plan ahead for short and long-term business success...


Estimated Completion Time:
1 hour, 2 minutes.

Professor Mark Ziebarth of Okanagan College will share a 10 point plan to help business operators plan for success in a seasonal industry with increased uncertainty due to the pandemic. As well, Mark will share ideas on how to take advantage of grants, loans, and other financial resources, with both short term and long term benefits.

This presentation includes Strategic Business Planning focused on:

  • Diversification
  • Digital enablement
  • Nimble cost structures to meet market demands
  • Ability to break inertia